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Covid-19 and weddings

What Covid restrictions are we currently facing in Melbourne?

As per the DHHS guidelines we are currently in step two.

In metropolitan Melbourne:

Outdoor religious gatherings and ceremonies of up to five people, plus the celebrant are allowed.

The couple and the celebrant are not required to wear face masks; however, the witnesses are.

No sharing of food, drink, crockery, utensils, vessels. ceremonial and consecrated items or other equipment by participants is allowed.

Weddings held in metropolitan Melbourne can occur outside with up to five people. This includes the couple and two witnesses. The celebrant is not counted in the five-person limit.

A person’s backyard at their residence is not considered ‘outside’, instead the wedding needs to be in a public place, or example a garden.

However, weddings held in a person’s residence can occur:

if one or both of the two people getting married are at the end of life; or

if one or both of the two people getting married will be deported from Australia unless the marriage takes place; and with a maximum of three people (including two people to witness the wedding) other than the celebrant and the couple getting married. These people could be members of the household where the wedding is occurring, or people who are permitted to attend the wedding under care and compassionate reasons.

You must wear a face mask whenever you leave home, unless you have a lawful reason for not doing so.

You should maintain your physical distance of 1.5 metres from others.

Contact record keeping will be done by your celebrant.

I will also provide you with a letter stating you are travelling to a wedding destination, in case you get pulled over.

I will ensure sanitiser, extra pens and antibacterial wipes are handy.

You can still be married during Covid, we just need to be safe.

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