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1)The government has written an important pamphlet about marriage called The Happily Ever Before And After. It is a requirement that both a bride and groom read this pamphlet. Please note this will be emailed to you once you book:

2)The government wants you to seek pre-marital counselling. It is to a requirement; however, I have to provide you with a few counselling services, if you would like to seek counselling:

a) Relationships Australia

b) Relationships Victoria

c) Life Works

If you have a problem with the service you have received from Marry Me Now, you can make a complaint at the attorney generals office

It is the clients responsibility to make sure your Notice of Intended Marriage has been  received by Marry Me Now at least one calendar month prior to your ceremony date.

 3)  Here is a link to the Code of Practise:

If you choose me to be your celebrant you can make a complaint against me at the attorney generals office. 

Marry Me Now, is not the registry office. It is an alternative wedding business. 


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